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Hello and once again welcome to the Universal Photo web site.

This site is fairly new but our shop has been serving Kalamazoo and the Southwest Michigan area since 1987.

We took over for Pro-Tech Camera Repair which started in 1980 and expanded services to include camera sales, photo finishing and professional photography.

We adopted the name “Universal” to express the fact that we did it all.

Due to changes in the industry and the fact that every drug store in town put in a mini lab we decided to back off on some of our extra services and concentrate on the things we do best and that the mass market folks can’t do.

We are one of very few full service camera and photographic equipment repair shops in the country and the only one in Southwest Michigan.

We also have a full service photography studio.

While it’s not the only one in the area, I like to think it is one of the best, friendliest and most reasonable studios around.

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